Cindy Stratton - Star is Risen
Star is Risen - 2018
Track list

Star is Risen
Second and a Third Time
Count the Cost
Don't Give Away Your Heart
Beautiful Bea
Lion and the Lamb
*New Day
* Bonus Ellie Frank tracks (CD only)
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Cindy Stratton - Hummingbird
Hummingbird - 2014
Track list

Cup of Goodwill
Love is the Remedy
Cherish the Love
Wash My Sins
Strange Places
Burning Babe
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Cindy Stratton - Naked
Naked - 2013
Track list

Certain Shade of Blue
At 32
Pay the Piper
You’re Not a Baby
Whose to Say
Whose Crying Now
Some Kind of Bliss
Poetry in Motion
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Cindy Stratton - Portraits of Life and Love
Portaits of Life and Love - 2010
Track List

All Fall Apart
Falling Snow
The Wild One
Bats in the Belfry
Autumn Morning
Beyond Black
Tears Fall Like Rain
All Roads
Rocking the Boat
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Cindy Stratton - Missing Pieces
Missing Pieces - 2004
Track List

Missing Pieces
Cry a little
Something special
One add one
Love Explosion
Spaces we once knew
Believe in you
Sound of angels
Touch me now
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Cindy Stratton - Only You
Only You - 1999
Track List

All For You
Fooling Around
Someone else's child
Time makes old fools of us
When will you learn
Meant to last
More wars
Oh Mary
Miracle man
Natural selection
Making Waves

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